Free Clipart Terms Of Use

Our clipart has been made just for you! We work hard and love sharing our creations with you! With that being said, there are a few guidelines to follow:

Free Clipart Terms Of Use

It is OKAY to use our artwork for:

  • • Personal use
  • • Personal scrapbooking
  • • Incorporating into party decorations such as water bottle labels, signs, banners, etc. (for personal use - cannot be resold unless you purchase a commercial license below)
  • • Teaching resources
  • • Personal appliques
  • • You may use to decorate your own website or blog, but the images must be flattened so they cannot be extracted (it is okay to make banners, headers, avatars for your own website - but NOT okay to resell them to other website owners)
  • • Creating business materials such as signs, brochures, fliers, menus etc.
  • Resell images that have been incorporated into party goods (such as printed invites, candy bar wrappers, water bottle labels, etc) - can not be sold digitally. (small commercial use only - not mass produced)
    • If you use our images on your website, please give credit - images courtesy of ©

It is NOT okay to use our artwork to:

  • • Resell digital party printables - items must be printed and not sent electronically
  • • Resell digital scrapbooking products
  • • Make and sell rubber stamps
  • • Use in the Zazzle marketplace (Cafe Press, or any similar website)
  • • Use in company logos
  • • Make and sell fabric patterns
  • • Sell digitized embroidery files
  • • Sell cross stitch patterns
  • • Sell wall art, canvas art, decals, etc.
  • • Upload to other clipart websites

Feel free to contact us with any questions

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