Free Cupcake Clipart
& Printable Cupcake Wrappers

Below you will find some delicious cupcake clipart that you can print and use to sweeten up your next party! Or you can use it on your website or blog! (We have a couple of rules... not many, but a few - be sure to read our terms here.) Our cute cupcake clip art is easy to use!

• Right Click and save to your computer for the JPG version
• Click on picture to open the PDF version

Enjoy and be sure to send in pictures of how you used your cupcake graphics! We may even add them to the site!

Cupcake Clip Art Pictures

Green & Yellow Cupcake Graphic

cupcake clipart

Pink & Yellow Cupcake Clip Art

cupcake clipart

Get creative when using the above cupcake graphics! There are so many exciting uses!

  • Bring life to your blog or Facebook page
  • Incorporate into your business brochures, menus, signs, etc (see terms)
  • Print and use to decorate children's parties or birthday parties. Make cupcake garland and streamers, add to blank card stock for instant party invitations, make cupcake picks, food picks, water bottle labels, favor tags, gift tags, you name it!
  • Use when creating personal scrapbook pages and framed pictures

Free Printable Cupcake Wrappers

cupcake clipart

We created a bunch of colorful, printable cupcake wrappers to make ordinary cupcakes shine! Simply bake cupcakes as normal (or you can even buy store bought cupcakes) - after they have baked and cooled - print out as many free printable cupcake wrappers as you will need - cut them out and wrap one around each cupcake - secure with double sided tape or regular Scotch Tape - it looks extra festive if you use all of the colors! Click on the wrappers to open, download and print.

printable cupcake wrappers
printable cupcake wrappers
cupcake clipart
cupcake wrappers
cupcake clipart

free clipart

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